Behavior Services & Training

Behavior is what your dog does to communicate with you. Good or Bad, it is from their perspective that we can help you understand and support them.

Group Classes

Join us as we explore and practice the many skills and talents your dog is capable of.

Build Confidence, Trust and Valuable Communication Skills.

While You're Away

Sundog has options to care for your dogs when you can't take them with you. We offer reliable dog boarding, in-home (all) pet sitting and home sitting services you can trust.

Canine & Human Communication

Two different species with two completely different ways of communicating. What if you could clearly communicate and understand one another? What if you both learned a mutual way to really express and connect on what each of you want from the other?

At SUNDOG we use positive experiences to help dogs and their families see from each others perspectives. It's a journey that takes time and consistency, as it would with any cultivated relationship, but this will be one adventure you'll both enjoy and thrive from.


Start Your Journey!

We are excited to be your guides and mentors on this adventure of Life with a Dog! It is a fantastic experience and we're here to help take it to full potential or... just as far as you want to go. We're here when you're ready, don't delay though....! We are eager to get you started!