Ron and Michele together make Sundog possible. They're who you can trust as guides as you train your dog to live in the real world with you. Get personalized attention and approach, customized to meet your unique needs and ideas for on-going training.

Our Story

It’s just like you hear from many other trainers. We started out because we love dogs. Together we, Ron Gelinas and Michele Galli, founded SUNDOG Canine Training and Behavior, LLC. in Central Phoenix in early 2009. We have been blessed having had the opportunity since to work with and be trusted by so many dogs and their families in this valley. All breeds and all types of people have always been welcome to train with us. We specialize in misunderstood breeds, hard to manage behaviors and dogs with special circumstances. We are honest, flexible and available to you and your dog as far as our services can provide during your adventures together.

If you come to us or if we come to you, you’ll instantly know you’re working with people who care, who’ll listen and will tell you like it is. We want yours and your dog's trust for life, not for just one encounter. We help develop relationships and in the process we gain lasting friendships too! We enjoy each and every opportunity to work with dogs and their families, handlers and anyone who wants to work with them.

Keep Training!
Ms. Jan & Jax enjoying their time together

Do you want "That Dog"?

The one that does everything you want your dog to do? Your dog can BE "That Dog". What it takes is experienced guidance, time, consistency and real honest effort. The worth of all of this will be apparent in the relationship you build with your dog. Each progressive step together will create trust, confidence and a better understanding of what each other wants. Our approach is simple and takes the perspective of your dog. Offering lots of praise and pay-off at just the right moments is just one of our training tools. We will pay very close attention to how you are communicating with each other and give you other necessary tools to open and sustain a clearer connection to work with. We'll work with you to enhance their focus despite distraction. We'll set expectations and pave the way to achieve them. All this tailored to you and your dog's needs and abilities. Having us on your side for your behavior and training goals will make all the difference in this journey you're both on together.

Scruffy 4 2011