Our Behavior and Training Options

Each dog has a unique personality, just like people do. Their experiences create who they are and how they see the world, just like us. How these traits manifest themselves can sometimes be amazing and others can be extremely problematic.

Ron Gelinas is a Dog Behaviorist available to all who need assistance determining the what, the why's and how's of dog behaviors. He can evaluate and develop the right approach and personalized program to make all the difference to the dog and to you, the handler.

In-Home Behavior Consultation & Training - $95.00 (Introductory Special price for 1st Session)

In-home consultations and training sessions are for those who have a family dog or dogs that they are having difficulties with. Issues may include anxiety, aggression and/or over-excitability. Each can manifest in many troubling behaviors. Sundog can help make life better for both the dog and family. Improvements will happen quickly by implementing the tools given along with following the determined & outlined programs as prescribed. (First session may last 2+ hours)

Bouvier Focus
Additional Costs for On-going Training
Sundog Location in Phoenix:            $65 hourly
In-Home Visits: $85 hourly

We will set a time that is convenient for all to bring your dog outside his or her comfort zone. You and your dog will meet with us at one of our training locations or at another predetermined location of your choice. We will discuss and work together with you both to determine exactly what you need and the right training approach to achieve each goal. We will also provide tools and start working on a training approach that will make all the difference, as it is implemented.

Professional Services for Affiliates and Organizations (Priced TBD per Case)

This option is open to any Rescue Organization or other Affiliates in the dog training and behavior interest and industry. If you're looking for a resource to help with your more difficult cases, contact us today. Our Certified Dog Behaviorist, Ron Gelinas, is experienced and reliable in evaluating and making determinations about each unique canine he meets with. He is compassionate, honest and has a no-nonsense approach. He will work with you to help facilitate rehabilitation using his tailored program designed to fit the individual dog in need. Board and Train services available on a case-by-case basis. Price for services quoted based on case requirements.