That time of year we all long for is ALMOST here! AGILITY TIME! The morning temps haven’t yet cooled off enough to get started, but we are eagerly looking ahead now. Cross your Paws that it cools off soon! We’re planning on our first weekend back as September 21st and 22nd. We are already getting restless, so we KNOW your dogs must be too!

“Is it time for our SUNDOG Agility Class yet?

We are super excited to get back out on the agility training field with you and your dogs again! We truly enjoy every single moment and can’t wait for more! Are you ready for some of Ron’s super fun and challenging agility courses? Let’s get you Enrolled to start your first class of the 2019-2020 Season on the weekend of September 21st & 22nd.
7am (Advance),
8:15am (Intermediate)
9:30am (Beginner)
We hope everyone will bring their dogs out to have some real fun and to give your dog’s minds and bodies a good run! Our website offers an easy way to enroll into any of our regularly scheduled classes. Click here to sign up!
If the start date is a little too soon for you, no problem! Enroll and let us know when you’d like to start. We are a year-round agility training school who welcomes all, anytime! 
  • How often do we have classes? Sundog agility classes are ongoing throughout the year except for rain days, events on the field and less 8 weeks during the hot summer months.
  • What happens if a class is missed? Did you know we are super flexible when you can’t make a class? When you enroll and purchase a set of 6 classes, we keep record of them. They are available to you for a year from the date of purchase. It is best for your dog to complete the Beginner class on consecutive weekends, but otherwise we are open to you on both Saturdays and Sundays. Just let us know which class you’re interested in coming to.
  • Are there any requirements before enrolling? One. Dogs must be up-to-date on their vaccinations. Especially for canine communicable diseases. Otherwise, No. No previous training is required. We do not have breed restrictions nor do we require your dog to be altered.
  • Why don’t the dogs socialize with each other at Sundog? Our program trains you how to manage your dog, on and off leash, despite distractions. This takes time, and consistent practice. To achieve that, our dog agility classes help teach them to focus on you, no matter who pr what is around. If you choose to make friends with other students, plan a play date or take your dogs to the far side of the field after class to interact, at your own risk and discretion, of course.
  • How many dogs are in a class? Generally our classes are small and have anywhere from three to 8 dogs. We like to offer individual instruction to each participant. It helps us to work at each team’s own level of where they are in our lessons.
  • How much and how do I pay for classes? Payment is due at your first class. Cash, Checks to SUNDOG, Venmo or Zelle are accepted. It’s 6 classes for the price. Beginner is $150, Intermediate and Advance classes are $125.00. Bring in a new student for a $10.00 discount!
Contact us today with any other questions or needs. Feel free to pass the news along and share with your neighbors and friends. We’re excited to get back outside with you and your dogs! See you all very soon!

(Team KOOPER Celebrating)

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